The CRT Story

Over 40 years ago, Tom Easterday started the company on a card table in his living room providing data entry services for market researchers. Many of his original clients were in the automotive industry. CRT has changed a lot since then. The growth of CRT and our many product line extensions has been the result of meeting and exceeding our client's requests for solutions to their problems. We are a California-based consultative, custom-design data management company that can process information from single or multiple sources to provide analysis and actionable reports; view trends in customer satisfaction and help you improve marketing spend and/or manage event attendance, check-in, and on-site surveys using proprietary technology.

Our People

Meet the Executive Team

Tom Easterday
Founder & President

Tom founded CRT over 40 years ago with one goal in mind; "To have 20 customers who think we are the BEST, not 200 customers who think we are good." Tom has spent the past 40 years re-inventing CRT when technology and trends change the business landscape.

Jerry Bresnahan

Jerry is responsible for the daily operations of CRT. His goal is to create a supportive environment that promotes the best from both our customers and our employees. Jerry brings extensive management background from the Aviation Industry to CRT.

Frank Newnam
VP – Sales

Frank has responsibility for leading our client development efforts. He brings over 30 years’ experience in the sales and marketing business. He held leadership positions with Brierley & Partners and Carlson Marketing Group. Frank has earned numerous sales awards during his career.

The CRT Support Team

CRT has supported our clients in a variety of marketing data management programs since our inception. The foundation of our support team of Irma, Jackie and John has almost 70 years of experience here at CRT. They have seen it all and done it all and know the best ways to exceed all your expectations.

While we often think "outside the box", the "linear thinking" we provide our clients is a result of years of hands-on experience, making sure that each program fits your needs and budget. As a consultative, problem-solving organization, we work best when we have an opportunity to sit down with you and really determine what are your goals and objectives. When we know, we can create a unique and cost-effective solution.